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A global award-winning movie-making tour.

Let your imagination run wild

Explore interactive and immersive make-believe film sets, and get hands on with movie special effects, props and out of this world characters.

Our wildly immersive experience takes you on a journey through the wacky world of movie making. It's a mind-bending 90-minute hosted tour centred on three fully developed and original film concepts: a nail-biting horror, a fantasy epic, and a mind-bending sci-fi.

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Part one: Horror

Weta Workshop Unleashed Scream Through a Horror Scene
Weta Workshop Unleashed Horror Monster

The Animatronics and Prosthetics department is working on the horror film Fauna. Walk through the workshop and see this 1980’s style horror movie in the making, filled with details on how our ideas are being developed for the film. Visitors who dare may enter the claustrophobic horror film set, where something lingers in the shadows...

Part two: Fantasy

Weta Workshop Unleashed Imagine a fantasy world
Weta Workshop Unleashed Artist Shed

Enter our very own Artists’ Shed, a peaceful haven that shows the process of fantasy world-building through the imaginations of concept artists, who dream up a world designed for the epic movie Age of the Ever-Clan. Step through the curtain and enter their fantastical world….

Part three: Sci-fi

Weta Workshop Unleashed Discover a Sci fi Adventure
Weta Workshop Unleashed Unearth a sci fi adventure robot

It’s time to walk onto a film set of the science fiction adventure movie Origins. Projected light plays across the stage in a stunning display with an epic sci-fi soundtrack begins. A gigantic robot and epic spaceship immerse you in an atmospheric sci-fi wonder...

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Weta Workshop Unleashed Horror Section Guests Having Fun

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