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We are an award-winning creative design and practical effects company that service the world’s creative industries. Our crew have worked on many well-known and much-loved films and TV series, such as The Lord of the RingsThe HobbitAvatar, King KongDistrict 9 and many more. Our tour experiences, creative workshops and event offerings are our chance to share our creativity with the world, offering visitors up-close personal experiences into the artistry and craftsmanship that happens within our workshop every day.

Wētā Workshop Unleashed – Auckland

Weta Workshop Unleashed Hero Banner
Weta Workshop Unleashed Artist Shed Fantasy Section

Wētā Workshop Unleashed is a wildly imaginative and immersive experience that invites guests of all ages into a fantastical film effects facility. We’ve bought extraordinary worlds to life with resident creatures, one hyper-realistic giant and a galactic robot! Scream through a horror film, imagine a fantasy world and discover a sci-fi adventure in a 90-minute experience where the lines between reality and fantasy have been blurred.

Wētā Workshop – Wellington

Weta Workshop Experience Peter Lyon
Weta Workshop Experience Group Tour Space Orc

Dive head-first into a world of creativity, physical effects, and movie magic at Wētā Workshop in Wellington. Wētā Workshop is a world-class, Kiwi-owned and operated design and effects studio. Pull back the curtain and learn all about the wonderful things we do and see collections of fabulous props and costumes from a myriad of blockbuster movies and television events.


Weta Workshop Experience There and Back Again

Wētā Caves

We also sell a lot of what we make, and in our Wētā Caves, you can purchase all sorts of props, merchandise, collectibles and more. The coolest thing about the items we sell? They are designed and made by the same artists that make the epic stuff you see in the films.

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We imagine. We design. We build.

Weta Workshop Experience Gandalf
Richard Taylor with Orcs from the Lord of the Rings movies

Wētā Workshop has catapulted onto the world stage, thanks in part, to the creation of sets, costumes, armour, weapons, creatures, miniatures and more for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. From the sweeping landscapes of Middle-earth to the lush forests of Pandora in the movie Avatar, we’ve since gone on to design imaginary worlds for many more blockbuster films and TV shows. But don’t take our word for it, visit us, and experience our magic for yourself.

What a visit to Wētā Workshop looks like

Weta Workshop Wellington Easter Activations
Unleashed Artist Workshop Horror

We have many cool and interesting ways in which you can get involved and look behind the scenes at what we do here at the workshop. Take a tour through our Wellington experience or go on a wildly immersive adventure through our latest attraction, Unleashed, in Auckland. Let us take your creativity to a whole new level. As well as world-renowned public tours and experiences, we offer a series of creative workshops where our technicians take you through the process of making cool stuff, just like we do for the film industry. Throughout the year we also host a series of special themed events - stay tuned to our social media channels to find out what’s on.