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From small groups and team events to largescale conferences, at your place or ours. Embark on a creative journey like no other and get lost in a world of movie magic.

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Our motto is “be creative and make cool stuff.” We love to share our creativity with others – and what better way to do that, than to have our guests roll up their sleeves?

Get hands-on and learn the practical magic of film effects, guided by the Wētā Workshop crew. Choose one or combine multiple workshops to craft your unforgettable creative event.

The different creative workshops available

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Our crew have been slipping and sliding in fake blood for over 25 years - watch and listen to our crew spill some movie magic secrets and help you whip up your batch.

Weta Workshop Events and Experiences Junk Building

Junk building

Learn how simple, everyday items, with a little creativity, can make imaginary worlds a reality.

Weta Workshop Events and Experiences Sculpting


One of our world-renowned artists will sculpt a 3D creature live before your very eyes, and then help you to create your very own.

Weta Workshop Events and Experiences Leather

Leather craft

Learn techniques used by Wētā Workshop’s costume crew as you craft your keepsake from leather and chainmaille. Then take it home with you to treasure.

Weta Workshop Events and Experiences Armour

Design and build armour

The Hobbit Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Mulan – and the list goes on for films and TV shows that we’ve created armour for. Want to learn how we do it? Let us teach you!

Weta Workshop Events and Experiences Creature

Make a monster

Making monsters is written into our DNA! From sci-fi aliens to the creepiest of creatures that have you hiding behind the sofa. Let us show you how we terrify audiences with our creations.

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Discover a Sci fi Adventure tile

Create your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Together, we’ll work to ensure the perfect combination of imagination, education, and creative adventure, whilst catering to the unique interests and needs of your group.

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What an incredible time we had with Patrick inspiring us all, followed by the hands-on session Creative Workshop with your talented Wētā Workshop team”


The experience on the day was phenomenal and our conference delegates thoroughly enjoyed themselves.