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Dive head-first into a world of creativity, physical effects and movie magic at Wētā Workshop in Wellington

Discover how imaginary worlds are brought to life

Wellington, New Zealand, is home to an entire community of creative Wētā Workshop artisans who’ve brought life to such films as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit TrilogiesKing KongThe Chronicles of NarniaAvatar, and many others. Wētā Workshop is your gateway to filmmaking creativity. Join our guided tours and learn about the making of movie effects, from armour to weapons, creatures to costumes, make-up to miniatures, and more!

Wētā Workshop – Creative Workshops

intro sculpting weta workshop
Unleashed tools

With the guidance of Wētā Workshop’s experienced events technicians, you will create your own movie magic right here in Wellington! Your host will be just like you - a true fan! There’s no difference between the people who work at Wētā Workshop and our fans - we’re all into the same cool stuff and your host will teach you the tricks of the trade.

Explore props, costumes and cool stuff

The Wētā Workshop Experience

Weta Workshop Experience Peter Lyon
Weta Workshop Experience Mother

From The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to Avatar and District 9, learn about props, costumes and creatures created for your favourite films. Interact with cool stuff from our creative departments and catch an artist at work.

Enter our world of miniatures and modelmaking

The Wētā Workshop Experience

Weta Workshop Experience Miniatures Effects Studio
Weta Workshop Experience Miniatures Effects Studio Stage

Discover the filmmaking technique of miniature effects and learn how they are built for hit TV and film productions. Wander through monumental miniatures from Thunderbirds Are Go and see how we fit an entire island, cityscape, and mansion under one roof!

Group Tour Space

Weta Workshop Experience Group Tour Space Orc
Weta Workshop Experience Group Tour Space

Are you looking for an exciting group activity for your students, organisation, or extended whānau? Wellington’s award-winning Wētā Workshop group tour space is perfect for groups of all sizes. You’ll journey into a private facility filled with props and costumes from some of the biggest blockbuster films ever made.

Visit our stores

Weta Workshop Experience There and Back Again

Wētā Cave

We also sell a lot of what we make, and in our Wētā Caves, you can purchase all sorts of props, merchandise, collectibles and more. The coolest thing about the items we sell? They are designed and made by the same artists that make the epic stuff you see in the films.