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Got questions about our tours? You've come to the right place.

Wētā Workshop is stoked to operate two visitor attractions in Aotearoa, New Zealand:

Wētā Workshop Tours was established in 2008 at the heart of our design and manufacturing facility in Wellington, where we make cool stuff! Our tours house props, costumes, miniatures and models from your favourite films and TV shows. Discover how practical effects were created for The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Thunderbirds Are Go and more!

Wētā Workshop Unleashed blasted open its doors in Auckland at the tail end of 2020. This fantastical film effects facility is inspired by our workshop in Wellington. This time though, you’ve got an all-access pass. Explore our reimagined workrooms, chock-full of eye-popping practical effects from three original films, and be inspired to make your own cool stuff with a creative tip or two.

Common questions

Do I need to book in advance?

Our tours fill up fast, so we strongly recommend booking at least 3 days in advance.

Our busiest periods are October-April (peak season), school holidays, and New Zealand public holidays.

How do I book my ticket?

Secure your ticket online. Or book in-store at the Wētā Cave.

Wētā Cave - Wellington: 1 Weka Street, Miramar

Wētā Cave - Auckland: Level 5, 88 Federal Street, CBD

To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking at least 3 days in advance. Payment is required at the time of booking. We accept NZD cash or credit card instore, including VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay and Alipay.

Can I buy a gift voucher for the tours?

Yes, we have gift vouchers available for our tours and creative workshops. These can be purchased in-store at the Wētā Cave or you can submit your request online.

Are the tours wheelchair accessible?

All Wētā Workshop tour spaces are wheelchair friendly. We do have a small part of the horror section at Wētā Workshop Unleashed in Auckland that isn't wheelchair accessible, but it's skippable and our tour guides will take guests through an alternative route.

How do I get my hands on some cool merchandise?

The Wētā Cave shop is chock-full of collectibles, keepsakes & crafting kits for you to get creative and make cool stuff. We also sell a range of high-quality collectibles and merchandise which you can purchase instore or online.

Is there an age restriction for your tours?

We love to welcome guests of all ages and species: humanoid or no. Halflings aged 4 and under go free on tour. We just ask that you include the wee one in your booking as an ‘infant.’    

Parental guidance is recommended at Wētā Workshop Unleashed due to elements from the world of horror. These may be unsettling for children, or unsuitable for guests with medical conditions aggravated by fright or stress. Our friendly crew can show you how to bypass these parts of the experience.

Wētā Workshop Unleashed - Auckland FAQs

Wētā Workshop Unleashed is an immersive attraction where you are transported into a fantastical world. Our guests are encouraged to interact, touch and feel the tour space!

Is this a temporary or permanent attraction?

Wētā Workshop Unleashed is a permanent attraction in Auckland. We’re here to stay for as long as friends and fans continue to visit and enjoy the work we've created.

What’s the difference between Wētā Workshop Unleashed and your tours in Wellington?

Wellington is the home of Wētā Workshop, where we design and manufacture practical effects for your favourite films and exhibitions. Wētā Workshop Unleashed invites you to explore a fantastical version of this Workshop. Complete with creatures, castles and cool stuff from three original films: a horror feature, sci-fi adventure and fantasy epic. These have been dreamt up by our own team of story-tellers.

Does Unleashed include anything from The Lord of the Rings?

Wētā Workshop Unleashed is chock-full of practical effects from three original films. These characters and stories will be new to our guests.  

However, some recognizable characters and collectibles from Middle-earth will be on display in our Auckland-based Wētā Cave.

Do you offer discounts for students, Gold Card holders, caregivers or groups?

We do! We have concession rates for Students, Senior Citizens & Community Service card holders. If you are a caregiver, please reach out to our bookings team who can organise a special rate. We also offer special discounts for groups of 15 guests or more.

Enquire with our bookings team at [email protected]

Can I take photos?

Of course! Go snap-happy inside the entire experience! If you do share on social media, please #Unleashed or tag us @WētāWorkshopUnleashed.
We’d love to see your photos.

Is there a carpark available?

Carparking is available at the SkyCity Main Site. This is Auckland's biggest car park, boasting 1,960 parks accessible from three entries, full-time security and surveillance, and well-lit maintained facilities. 

Note: We offer SkyCity parking validation in the Wētā Cave for anyone who goes on our Wētā Workshop Unleashed experience, undertakes one of our workshops or spends over $49 on retail in the Wētā Cave.

*The validation discounts the parking fee. *The validation discount only applies for the first 12 hours of parking, before switching over to the usual SkyCity rates.

What should I bring to Wētā Workshop Unleashed?

Your curiosity, camera and comfortable shoes!
We do have lockers on-site which can be used to store any extra belongings.

Is Wētā Workshop Unleashed wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we can accommodate a range of accessibility requirements. During the experience there are slight inclines and declines in flooring, it is recommended that wheelchairs have brakes.

Elevator access to level 5 is available via Federal Street and Albert Street. We do have a small part of the horror section at Wētā Workshop Unleashed in Auckland that isn't wheelchair accessible, but it's skippable and our tour guides will take guests through an alternative route.

We are continually improving and enhancing our experiences to ensure we can cater for as wide an audience as possible. This includes visual and hearing-impaired visitors. If you have special requirements, please contact us to chat with our crew.

I have allergies, is this tour suitable for me?

There are materials used throughout the space may trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. These materials include latex, silicone, and foam. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, so please be mindful and take necessary precautions if you have known allergies to any of these substances.

Can I skip the Horror Section of the experience?

A third of the experience is horror themed, and parental guidance is advisory. The scariest part (the horror house) is able to be bypassed but the horror section in general is not.

Any further questions?

Please contact us via [email protected] or phone +64 (0)4 909 4035.

Wētā Workshop Tours - Wellington FAQs

Will I get to walk through Wētā Workshop?

Due to the confidential nature of our film work, unfortunately, we can’t take guests through the Workshop itself. But here’s the good news: The Wētā Cave Workshop Tour  includes an interactive showcase of our creative departments, so you can experience what it’s like behind closed doors!

Will I get to see Wētā Workshop artists working?

We endeavour to feature artists at work on our tour stage during the Wētā Workshop Experience. However, sometimes this is not possible due to important project deadlines. We appreciate your understanding, should this be the case.

Can I take photos?

Photography or recording of any kind is strictly prohibited on tour, unless located in the designated photo areas. You’re welcome to take photos in and around the Wētā Cave shop and entrance, so snap away with Gollum and the trolls!

Can I bring my bags?

Small bags are permitted on all tours. However, there is no luggage storage in the Wētā Cave or at our tour spaces for suitcases, backpacks etc.

What is your accessibility rating in Wellington?

All Wētā Workshop Tours tour spaces are wheelchair friendly. An accessible car park is available on Weka Street, closest to the main entrance to the Wētā Cave, for vehicles displaying a current mobility parking permit. Please note, our tours with bus transfers are not suitable for wheelchairs.

We are continually improving and enhancing our experiences to ensure we can cater for as wide an audience as possible. This includes visually and hearing-impaired visitors, too. We currently hold a silver Be Accessible rating.

If you have special requirements, please contact us to chat with our team.