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Scroll down if you dare, horror awaits!

Beware of things that go bump in the night. That creepy, crawly feeling that sets in as something brushes against your arm. A figure jumps out at you – run! That delicious thrill of being scared out of your wits. That’s the experience of HORROR and we love it! 

Scream through a horror

Wētā Workshop Unleashed drops you into our imagined horror film, Fauna, a tale of terror on a remote farm in New Zealand. We shine a light into the darkness and show you how we make monsters, design practical effects, and pull back the curtain on all the tricks that make horror films such a treat.

Welcome to the workshop

Unleashed Artist Workshop Horror
Weta Workshop Unleashed Horror Unleashed Workshop

Your dark tale begins, not with thrills and chills, but with learning the tools of the trade. Enter an expansive area of interactive exhibits that are both educational and fun for the whole family. Our crew guide you through research and design, sculpting and moulding of creature building and the nuts and bolts of animatronic construction. You’ll see the full process of how we breathe life into our creatures. Not only that; you’ll delve into storyboards and videos, script notes, letters from film directors, and all those thousands of details that will keep you scratching for more.  

Monsters …. everywhere

Weta Workshop Unleashed Horror Unleashed Monsters Workshop
Weta Workshop Unleashed Horror Monster

Just for fun (and to illustrate a point or two), you’ll perform an alien autopsy, operate creepy animatronic monsters, play with sound and atmosphere using our Scream Machines and augment your voice to terrifying levels. Interactive Makeup Mirrors magically transform your face into different characters that simulate the prosthetic process we use to transform our actors into monsters. As an added treat, photograph Wētā Workshop’s secret recipe for fake blood – your Halloween party will never be the same!

Stories in the dark

Weta Workshop Unleashed Horror Fauna Film Shoot Monster
Weta Workshop Unleashed Horror Fauna Film Shoot

Once you’ve learned the tools of terror, you’re invited to enter the horrifying world of Fauna, our fictionalised horror film (this section can be skipped for those with small children or the faint of heart). The slaughterhouse awaits. You really shouldn’t go in there, but you do. Right off, you feel that things aren’t quite right. Tread carefully through the dark and explore the depths of this isolated slaughterhouse. Above all, stay vigilant – for you are now the leading role in your very own horror movie.  

Enhance your experience

Weta Workshop Unleashed Artist Studio

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After leaving our tour space bursting at the seams with creativity, visit our experienced technicians who run a series of Artist Workshops. Learn the skills used by our own Wētā Workshop crew – our workshops feature the themes of horror, fantasy and sci-fi and give you the opportunity to unleash your creative lunacy upon the world.

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Unlock your own crypt of creativity

The art of horror is exactly that - an art - and like all art, it requires both tools and technique, a passion for the subject matter, and an understanding of what makes things go bump in the night. Wētā Workshop Unleashed takes you inside the madness of horror and shows you all the tricks guaranteed to make you leap out of your seat. You don’t have to like horror films to enjoy this experience. The interactive exhibits and the behind-the-scenes look at filmmaking allow you to both understand and take part in the magic.