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A secret. An invitation to a new life. A better life. In another galaxy!

Sci-fi takes us to unknown worlds where the past and future can collide right before our eyes. The freedom of this genre plays right into everything that we love. Wētā Workshop Unleashed takes you inside our imagined science fiction movie, Origins.

Discover a sci-fi adventure

Join two scientists as they discover colossal alien artefacts buried deep beneath an ancient volcano right here in New Zealand. What they find will not only change our past, but also the future of the human race. And the key to unravelling this intergalactic mystery is Aotearoa's own indigenous insect - the wētā bug!

Welcome to the workshop

Weta Workshop Unleashed Sci Fi Unleashed Robot Miniature
Weta Workshop Unleashed Sci Fi Unleashed Spaceship Construction

Blast into the Science Fiction section of Wētā Workshop Unleashed and land in a film studio where planning is underway for the film, Origins. Every film starts with a story. An idea becomes a treatment, a treatment a script, a script a storyboard, which becomes the basis for the filmmaker’s vision. All of this is part of pre-production. It’s the time to ask questions, explore every option and discover solutions, all before the first scene is shot. 

Be taken on a intergalatic adventure

Weta Workshop Unleashed Sci Fi Unleashed Spaceship Image
Weta Workshop Unleashed Sci fi Unleashed Spaceship Miniature

Models of the set are built and studied, everything is planned and refined to exacting detail. Explore the Director’s table explaining the 3D-printing process for the robot, and the tools and techniques required for its key element - the colossal animatronic hand. All of this is leading up to your big moment, stepping inside Origins. As the leading role in this adventure sci-fi film, you will join two scientists for a moment that is truly out of this world!

Enter an unparalleled universe

Weta Workshop Unleashed Sci fi Robot
Weta Workshop Unleashed Sci fi Unleashed Spaceship

It’s time for lift-off as your guide invites you into a cavern hidden deep inside an ancient volcano. There you’ll find something that should not be there, in fact, it can’t be there!  An ancient robot. The world around you changes, as an intergalactic scene unfolds before your very eyes, you are taken on a journey to where your imagination explodes. You’ll find yourself with unexplainable real-life insight into what it would be like to stand right in the middle of your favourite sci-fi scenes.

Enhance your experience

Weta Workshop Unleashed Artist Studio

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After leaving our tour space bursting at the seams with creativity, visit our experienced technicians who run a series of Artist Workshops. Learn the skills used by our own Wētā Workshop crew – our workshops feature the themes of horror, fantasy and sci-fi and give you the opportunity to unleash your creative lunacy upon the world.

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Building to schematics

Sci-fi is one of Wētā Workshop’s favourite genres because it engages the imagination and demands exacting detail. Sci-fi worlds must be meticulously imagined and then crafted to the highest degree if they are to be believable to the viewer. Letting our imaginations run wild is fantastic fun, but transforming the fantasy into reality takes passion, persistence, a lot of planning, and precise execution - perfect for a company whose motto is: We Bring Imaginary Worlds to Life!