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Experience what it’s like to be a practical effects artist working on the movies, creating ghastly prosthetic effects for a variety of scenes.

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2hrs 30mins


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design a gruesome wound, inflicted by a terrifying monster, and use prosthetic effects to apply it to your arm?

At our 'Intro into special effects' creative workshop, our Wētā Workshop Unleashed crew will teach the basic tricks of the trade to deliver realistic prosthetic effects that will make your friends and family cringe in terror, and giggle with horrified delight.

The thrill of hands-on creative workshops is experiencing what it’s like to be a practical effects artist working on the movies, creating ghastly effects for a variety of scenes.

First, your tour:

Wētā Workshop Unleashed - 90 mins

Wētā Workshop Unleashed is a fantastical realm created by the Oscar-winning artisans of Wētā Workshop. Built upon three fully realized and completely original film concepts, you are invited to discover the wonder of filmmaking firsthand.

Hosted by enthusiastic guides, you will be led through a fantastical version of our movie making workshop.

Second, your workshop:

Intro into special effects - 60 mins

A bloody good time!

Making something scary isn’t actually scary at all. It’s highly enjoyable with smiles and laughs all around. You’ll be guided through a Workshop brief based on the faux horror movie Fauna, featured in the Wētā Workshop Unleashed experience.

Your crew member will take you through the brief, examine the movie scene to understand the prosthetic required, then dive right into the techniques needed to bring that scene to life in all its bloody glory.

Feel what it's like to be a movie artist!

Everything you need to complete your prosthetic will be provided along with personal instruction, so you can craft a truly gruesome special effect. Workshop sizes are limited so that everyone can get the personalised attention they need to have fun and create something truly ghastly.

Certificate of Creativity!

You’ll receive a Certificate of Creativity upon completion of the workshop along with a copy of the Workshop’s own recipe for fake blood that we use in the movies!


We loved every minute of it especially when we had to learn how to make a fake injury. A couple of my friends believed it was real lol

VANESSA H 28th August 2023 Yonder Reviews

The session was well organised and we were able to relax and enjoy. In fact a common thing for the four of our group was that what ever was going on in our lives we forgot about for a time and focused on what we were creating.

MANA D 2nd October 2023 Yonder Reviews

We all had great fun at the Intro to SFX workshop! Our guide was lovely and we all had a lot of laughs

MICHELLE K 4th December 2023 Yonder Reviews

Where to go:

Wētā Workshop Unleashed is located on level 5,
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