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Lights, camera, action!

Wētā Workshop Unleashed is all about creating magical moments to capture with the camera lens, and we’re delighted to make you, our guests, the stars of the show.

We have two opportunities in our tour space to strike a pose with your pals, the personalised images will feature on artwork and posters to take home and cherish forever.

How it works

A 'Creature Safety Card' will be given to you by your Unleashed host at the start of your experience. Scan it at various points throughout your tour to remain safe from the clutching claws of our monsters and to get your pics taken. Before you head home, pop into the Wētā Cave to find out how you can purchase them. They will be featured on Unleashed themed artwork, posters, and reels to cherish forever.

Unleashed photo book

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Go one step further and choose the pictures you want to feature in your own book of memories, which can be purchased in the Wētā Cave. Your pics will slot into specially designed pages, where creativity is oozing off the paper.

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Tag our socials

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Upload your digital memories to social media, tagging @wetaworkshopunleashed and hashtag #MovieMakingUnleashed and we'll share as many as we can.

The creature security box

A spooky spot for a camera shot

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What is this new and odd-looking box outside Wētā Workshop Unleashed? It looks a little creepy, very intriguing, and a bit daunting - but it’s there for your protection. Due to the creature on the loose, we’ll sneak you through our new security box to keep you safe, and scan you in.