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1hr 30mins


Overview 概述

Want to experience the many sides of Wētā Workshop’s creativity? Embark on the Wētā Workshop Experience and learn about the making of movie effects and props, from armour to weapons, creatures to costumes, and make-up to miniatures. Meet your guide at the Wētā Cave store to begin your journey through the movie-magic world of Wētā Workshop!


What to expect, 踏上维塔工作室之旅:


Explore props, costumes, and cool stuff


From The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to Avatar and District 9: learn about the making of props, costumes and creatures created for your favourite films. Interact with cool stuff from our creative departments and, if you're lucky, catch an artist at work on our tour stage.


Explore the Wētā Cave retail store


A cavern of creativity in its own right! Explore our retail shop full of collectables, books, swords, games, merchandise and more, and a look through our mini-museum.


Where To Go, 地址和路线


Departure 出发

Your Wētā Workshop Experience will start at the Wētā Cave store located on the corner of Weka Street and Camperdown Road, Miramar, Wellington. 

您的维塔工作室体验之旅的起点在位于惠灵顿美丽华Weka街道和Camperdown街道交界的维塔洞穴文创商店Wētā Cave store。

Please allow enough time to find a carpark, as spaces are limited. You'll need to collect your tickets at the Wētā Cave ticketing desk at least 15 minutes before your tour starts.

由于车位有限,请预留出足够的时间寻找车位find a carpark。您需在体验开始15分钟前,在维塔洞穴文创商店前台取票。

Note: This option does not include transport from Wellington City, for the same ideal experience but with city pick up and drop off please select the option that features Guided Transfer.

备注:此选项不包括从惠灵顿市区过来的交通。如果您需要市区接送服务,为了获得同样理想的体验,请选择有Guided Transfer的选项。

Additional Info, 其他信息

  • Our tours frequently sell out, particularly during peak season (Oct-April). We strongly recommend booking online in advance.

    我们的旅游团经常售罄,特别是在旺季(10 月至 4 月)。我们强烈建议您提前在线预订。

  • Photography is strictly prohibited whilst in our tour spaces.


  • On-street parking is free but can get busy. Please allow ample time to find a park.

    路边停车免费,但车辆很多。请留出充足的时间寻找停车位 find a park.

  • There is no luggage storage in the Wētā Cave or within our tour spaces.


  • For groups of 20 people or more, please check out our Events & Group Tours.

    20人以上的团队,请查看我们的活动和团体旅游网页Events & Group Tours

  • Weta Workshop Tours is proud to hold a Silver Award from Be Accessible.

    我们很荣幸获得Be Accessible (无障碍环境建设)的银奖。

For our cancellation policy and terms and conditions please see here.

有关我们的取消政策以及条款和条件,请参阅此处please see here.。

Reviews from TripAdvisor

Absolutely loved the combo tour. Staff were amazing but they also had so much passion and knowledge about the Weta Productions. Loved every second of the tours and would highly recommend if in Wellington and you love movies.

Sally J

We did the combo tour of Weta workshop and Thunderbirds. Both were brilliant. Our guide Isaac was awesome - super knowledgeable, providing a fun and informative behind the scenes experience. So many interesting, fascinating insights and some hands-on experience too with some of the props and costumes. Can't recommend these tours highly enough. Don't miss it!


Interesting, inspiring and fun!
We really loved our visit to the Weta workshop. We did the combo tour, which also covered the Thunderbirds set. Our guide was excellent and interesting, and we were amazed to discover how many artists and specialised artisans and craftsmen are involved.