Behind the Seams: Costume and Textiles Masterclass

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Led by our very own Head of Textiles, Flo Foxworthy.

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1hr 30mins

Behind the Seams: Costume and Textiles from the Screens

Designing and building countless costumes, from fantasy armour to monsters and superheroes, and all manner of outrageous props and make-up effects for creative industries across the world is part of our everyday. 

We’ve been creating for over 25 years, and we'd love to share our passion and love for creating with you. 

Ground-breaking techniques and designs come with the territory of our business, and we’ll show you how we tackled some of the most complex designs, demands and concepts. 

Our talented crew of experts have worked on movies such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies to Avatar, Thor: Ragnarok, Ghost in the Shell, and many more. 

We invite you to come and see some of our incredible work in person with a rare behind the scenes costume show & tell at Wētā Workshop in Miramar.

Weta Workshop Event - Flo Foxworthy

Key Details

Running on Sunday 10th October and Sunday 17th October

These sessions will be led by our very own Head of Costume, Flo Foxworthy, who has been one of our crew for nearly 15 years.

Flo has a wealth of knowledge to share and a passion for creating amazing pieces of art for the big screen.

In detail, she will talk about a display of different costumes, outfits and designs we have worked on over the years starting from concept through to production and finishing. She will also be on hand for questions, offering some behind the scenes insights on the techniques used for different movie props, and the reasons why.

Weta Workshop Event - WOW - Flo Foxworthy

See the process we go through when kitting out actors; these are the props and unique outfits that our fans love, costumes that help actors to excel in their characters and pieces that film producers display proudly in their movies and TV shows. 

With limited capacity, book your spot today and be in for a rare opportunity to see some spectacular costumes, hear from Flo first-hand and more.