Wētā Workshop Wellington: A 30 Year Reflection

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Thursday 28th October at 6pm

From $49
2 hours

Wētā Workshop Wellington: A 30 Year Reflection

Wētā Workshop is proud to partner with Wellington Heritage Week for a one-off, intimate evening, celebrating the creativity and history of our local community.

Exclusively for Wellington Heritage Week celebrations, journey through one of Wētā Workshop’s famous tour spaces, finishing with tales and stories reflecting on the last 30 years told by Wētā Workshop’s co-founder, Richard Taylor.

With over thirty years’ experience, Co-founder, Creative Director, and five-time Oscar-winner, Richard Taylor is the passionate creative at the core of Wētā Workshop.

Richard has built a culture of enthusiasm and excellence that is brought to bear in every project that enters the workshop and can regularly be found on the workshop floor, mucking in with the team.

Join us for this one-off special glimpse into the world of Wētā Workshop - you won’t want to miss this!

Taking place on Thursday 28th October at 6 pm.

Wētā Workshop is an award-winning concept design and manufacturing facility for the entertainment industries, founded by Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger in 1987.

The company came from a humble beginning, with Richard and Tania using a room of their Wellington flat as their very first ‘workshop’.

Over a decade later, Wētā Workshop, and Wellington, were catapulted onto the world stage thanks to their creation of sets, costumes, armour, weapons, creatures, miniatures and more for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

The third and final movie of the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, famously premiered in the Embassy Theatre in Courtenay Place with tens of thousands of adoring fans lining the streets to cheer on the cast and creators as they walked by on the red carpet.

From the sweeping landscapes of Middle-earth to the lush forests of Pandora in the movie Avatar, Wētā Workshop has since gone on to design imaginary worlds for many more blockbuster movies and TV shows. Its manufacturing capabilities span traditional artisan skills, such as sword-making and leatherwork, to the high-tech world of precision machining, animatronics, and 3D printing.

The Wētā Cave opened in Miramar 13 years ago, showcasing the workshop’s techniques, props, and film effects to the general public. The public workshop tour space, which opened eight years ago, has been visited by close to a million fans from all four corners of the world.